Travel Muse: Artifact Uprising - The Cool Way to Print Your Instagram Travel Photos

artifact uprising

One of the best part about traveling is the photos that are taken. In this digital age, using cell phones as a primary camera has become the norm, so it’s not uncommon to see more travel images posted on social media over good old-fashioned photo albums.  Denver-based company Artifact Uprising is looking to alleviate the digital photo pileups. The company offers custom photo prints, albums, and books in hopes of bringing back the days of old when photographs did more than collect digital dust. The eco-friendly company uses 100% post-consumer recycled paper, so you can print away, guilt free.  All templates are minimal, but the quality is top-notch so it is also ideal for serious photographers that want a cool way to print images straight from the phone.  With a phone-to-printer, Instagram friendly platform, those thousands of travel photos in your cell can now be printed into über cool, square photos in a matter of minutes. Bonus: When you first sign up, Artifact Uprising will give you 25 free 5x5 images (not including shipping). Print away!