Ask A Local: The Coolest Places to Party in Miami


There's more to Miami than South Beach. While the city's main draw is its famous beach, most visitors miss out on the diverse food and culture of this international city. Live like a local on your next visit by checking out these ten tips from Miami native DJ Anonyms One.  


1. Best Restaurant for Caribbean Cuisine: I would have to say Clive's, a little hole in the wall in the Midtown area. It's really authentic Jamaican food. 


2. A great place for Cuban food: I go to a spot called The Pinecrest Bakery. It's open 24 hours and has  good pastries and Cuban food.


3. Best Place For a Guy's Night Out: An ideal night out would be to go to three spots; the pregame spot, the happy hour spot then a strip club (see number 5). I like Clevelander on South Beach. It's a touristy spot, but it's a lot of fun. There's also a place called Haven on Miami Beach. It's another cool pregame spot and the bartenders are nice.  Reserve at Club 50 inside the Viceroy Hotel is another spot I like. They have incredible views of the city and people are always dressed nicely. 


4. My favorite place to take a hot date: Zuma restaurant inside the Epic Hotel in Brickell. The Versace Mansion is now a restaurant (The Villa by Barton G). You have to make reservations ahead of time, but you can go for drinks and hang out and flex for Instagram. 


5. A great place that most tourists don't know about: In Wynwood, there's an event called Backyard Boogie at Wood Tavern on Sundays. It's a very cool day-to-night party. People hang out and have drinks. It has a great Sunday vibe.


6. To Stay on South Beach or not Stay on South Beach? I would not stay on South Beach because it's not a true representation of Miami. You should visit, but actually stay in Midtown or Downtown to get a better feel of the city. Use Air BnB and stay Downtown. When you stay on the beach you are stuck on the beach. Miami is so spread out,  and there are so many other neighborhoods to check out like Little Haiti and Little Havana. Use Uber to get around the city. 


7. My favorite strip club in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale: I have three. Tootsies is great because they have really good food. It's more of an ambience. A lot of women go there too. King of Diamonds on a Monday is great because it has more of a local feel. The dancers there do crazy tricks. Scarlett's Cabaret in Hollywood is nice for a more upscale feel. 


8. One good travel tip for a visitor: Don't be afraid to venture out and a learn a little bit of Spanish. 


9. Best Day Trip from Miami: The Florida Keys because visually, it's awesome. You can stop at bars along the way and eat great seafood. You can also see the Seven Mile Bridge and all of the little beaches in the cut.


10. Miami Anthem: I would have to say it's a tie between Trick Daddy "Nan" and Uncle Al's "Don't Stop".



DJ Anonyms One lives and spins records in Miami. When he isn't djing, you can find him globetrotting around the world. Follow his travels on Instagram: @anonymsone.