The Secret Rome Speakeasy Club That Everyone Should Join


Believe it or not, the concept of speakeasies and secret bars is a relatively new concept for Europeans. While we Americans have been hiding in secret bars drinking good booze since the 1920s, cocktail culture is cities like Rome has become popular only in recent years. Obviously, the go-to drink in Italy is wine, but the American cocktails scene has had quite the impact on other cultures, producing ultra cool speakeasies like The Race Club. 

Adorned with vintage motorcycling, furniture and kitchshy knick knacks, the dimly lit bar is a haven for friends looking to connect over impeccably made cocktails without the distraction of wide screen televisions. Hidden in plain sight, only steps from Rome's Colosseum, the bar's menu consist of classic cocktail recipes, but the shining stars are the unique signature cocktails. Made with homemade syrups and fresh herbs, wait times for drinks can be a little long, but after the first sip you come to the conclusion that the drinks aren't slow because of poor service, but because the drinks were made with love.

Wanna get into this speakeasy? Membership is required. Upon your first visit, 5 Euros and I.D. pay for your membership. Membership gets you a snazzy little card that you simply flash to the doorman to enter upon your next visit. The Race Club is has the pricey cocktails that we have come to expect at a speakeasy, however, the service is top notch. Bartenders and staff are extremely friendly; so friendly that before leaving, the bartenders make complimentary shots and take them with guests. Customer service at its best. FYI: Have a stack of Euros in your wallet, The Race Club only takes cash. 


Address: Via Labicana 52