Hotel Crush: The Jung Hotel, New Orleans


The Jung Hotel, which opened it's doors in the beginning of January could be considered New Orleans' oldest new hotel. To travelers visiting the Big Easy, The Jung may look like nothing more than just another hotel, but those with roots in New Orleans know this building is much more. 

Originally opened in 1907, the hotel has seen more than one hundred years of New Orleans history. From it's glowing days as the "it" party hotel during the Roaring Twenties, to its rocky decades under various management throughout the Eighties and Nineties, The Jung has seen it's share of up and downs. In 2015, the property was acquired by the New Orleans Hotel Collection and got a 150 million dollar facelift that has formed it into the luxury accommodation it is today. 

Only a few blocks from The French Quarter, The Jung has an ideal location for travelers that want to be in proximity to The French Quarter without the noise and chaos that comes with it. The property consists of residences in addition to 171 hotel rooms for guests. With 50,000 square feet that includes event space, a lobby bar and restaurant, concierge desks, lounging pods and floor-to-ceiling marble, it is sure to reclaim its glory days as the place to be for New Orleans socialites. 

Each oversized room comes with a refrigerator, a desk, a huge bathroom with granite countertops, a walk-in shower with two shower heads (close enough to turn on at the same time for the ultimate showering experience, may I add)  free wifi, a 48" flat screen television and a doorbell integrated with a "Do Not Disturb" button. While each room is completely new with a fresh modern feel, elements of the hotel's grand past can be seen in the gold, Gatsby-esque elevators and the marble walls in the lobby's sitting areas. 

The hotel is open for business, but still undergoing construction to upper residence floors, so the true magnificence of The Jung is yet to be seen.  As of now, The Jung Hotel is the new kid on the Canal Street block, so the atmosphere is still quiet with the exception of the occasional ambulance siren, as it is directly located near the Tulane University Medical Center.  Right now is the ideal time to enjoy this luxury hotel; the distance is convenient, the atmosphere is gorgeous and the rates are very affordable with rooms well under $200 on select nights. 


My final thoughts: I would love the chance to stay at The Jung Hotel again when the restaurant and the property's other bar is completed and in full swing. The main element the hotel was missing was the liveliness that only people can bring to a space.  The Jung has only been open for three weeks though, so I am sure those days are near.  Overall, I had a nice stay. The staff was very friendly and accommodating, the location was convenient, and I loved the fact that I was probably the first person ever to sleep in the bed in my room. 



Address: 1500 Canal St. | New Orleans, LA 70112