Hotel Crush: citizenM Amsterdam

If you are accustomed to traditional hotel rooms with wooden furniture and patterned carpet, then citizenM Amsterdam probably isn't your cup of tea. For those that seek the latest technology and modern decor, read on!


Established in 2009, citizenM Amsterdam is the second hotel built under this ever-growing Dutch chain (the first is the Schipol Airport location). Known for its award-winning design, it is a go-to hotel for the edgy traveler looking to add unique lodging experiences to their portfolio. The design is sexy and modern, but it may not be for everyone. Check out the pros and cons and decide if you could be a citizen of citizenM Amsterdam.


Beautiful, sleek design.

The hotel is decked from head to toe (or shall we say ceiling to floor) with a red and black color palette with the modern furniture to match. Throughout the hotel, you will find edgy art and photography by contemporary artists. 

Computer-Nerd Friendly.

Most hotels have Wifi these days. What most hotels don't have though, is an I-Mac computer station for, according to the hotel's website, "important stuff like status updates and generally looking cool." Everything in each room is controlled via rechargable remote, and by everything, we mean everything from opening the blinds, changing the television and adjusting the color hue for the shower. Yes, you read correctly, the shower and toilet areas change colors. Feeling blue? Use the remote to turn the shower color to blue. Necessary? Nope.  Awesome? Absolutely.

Large wall-to-wall bed.

The extra large bed is actually pretty comfortable. It's perfect for making sheet angels. 



Automated check-in.

Continuing with the futuristic theme, checking in is done via touchscreen station. If there are any complications though, there is someone nearby to assist. Think self-checkoutline at the grocery store.

Full bar in the lobby.

The hotel is designed to build a sense of community among travelers, hence the minimal guest rooms and comfy common areas. The bar has plenty of seating and is a great spot to chat with other super cool people on-the-go. The bar area also serves food and snacks which are perfect  for those late night Amsterdam munchies.

Great prices. 

Visiting Europe can become costly very quickly. Many aren't up for staying in hostels, but still need affordable and comfortable accommodations. The average room starts at about 89 euros, which in European standards is a steal. 





Very small guest rooms with no separate bathroom.

The guest rooms are chic and edgy, but very small. There are large pull-out drawers under the bed, but the storage ends there. No closest and very few hangers. The sink is very close to the shower and mirror so expect some bumping around while getting dressed if you are not alone. 

The cylinder capsule toilet.

As mentioned earlier, the rooms do not have typical bathrooms. Using the restroom is an extra terrestrial-like experience. You step into the toilet area and pull the circular doors around you until they meet. Instead of shooting up into the sky though, you sit on the toilet  while hoping the other inhabitant of the room isn't watching you. The showers are also capsule-styled. If the doors aren't completely closed, the shower will not come on. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 10.03.06 PM.png

No irons in the room.

If you rarely iron clothes, then this won't be a problem. For those that use an iron on a daily basis, walking down to the first floor to use the only iron in the hotel may prove to be slightly cumbersome.


Is citizenM the hotel for you? 


Address: Prinses Irenestraat 30, 1077 WX Amsterdam, Netherlands

Phone: +31 20 811 7090


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