Irish Bar Hopping: 3 Ridiculously Cool Places with Delicious Cocktails in Dublin, Ireland

When it comes to fancy cocktails, Dublin probably isn't the first city that comes to mind.  While there is a pub on virtually every corner, ordering a mixed drink can be somewhat of a hassle as most of them don't serve cocktails as they do here in The States. Although Dublin's cocktail culture is still in its infancy, there has been a surge in cocktail bars that offer patrons more than just whiskey and a pint of Guinness. Check out these three uber cool bars where you can find a proper cocktail while hanging out in the city. 


The Chelsea Drugstore - If sipping mouth-watering drinks while listening to artists like David Bowie and Michael Jackson is your forté, a trip to The Chelsea Drugstore is in order. The bar has two levels; the street level is a chic bar with colorful chairs and sexy lighting, while the hidden basement level is dimly lit with cushy sofas, another bar and a DJ spinning the best in rock, disco and soul music. Perhaps the drink menu is one of the best parts about this intimate drinking hole. Each drink has three adjectives to describe the flavor, which will aid you in making a decision on the libation of the night. 

Address: 25 South Great George's Street, Dublin 2, Ireland  |  Web:




The new kid on the block, Idlewild is a must-visit haunt for those that love innovative cocktails. The popup cocktail menu has seven drinks named after every day of the week.  Ask for the Friday (pictured) and the bartender will whip up a concoction of bourbon, Amaro Averna liqueur and orange bitters. Idlewild also has an impressive beer menu as well as a boilermaker menu (beers served with shots). The space is cozy and elegant with plush couches, cool art and bar tables to create an inviting atmosphere for an evening of fun with friends. 

Address: 14 Fade St, Dublin 2, Ireland  | 



No Name Bar


Walking into the No Name Bar on a Saturday night is like walking into a shindig at someone's chic penthouse.  The lofty "house party" feel can be attributed to the fact that the bar was formerly a Victorian townhouse. From the outside, the space looks small, but once inside, it opens up into three large rooms with tables and comfortable seating placed throughout. The bar is best known for its mojitos, but expect an assortment of other delicious cocktails as well as brunch on the weekends. If there's no sign out, look for a wooden snail above the entrance to find the bar!


Address: 3 Fade St, Dublin 2, Co. Dublin City, Ireland