Clink Glasses at This Super Secret Bar Next Time You're in Denver


Denver isn't the first place that comes to mind when it comes to sworld class cocktails, but shockingly, the city is home to a burgeoning cocktail scene that is producing world class drinks by passionate bartenders and beverage directors. Boys & Girls Club, better known as B&GC, is hiddem gem in the city that is a favorite spot for bartenders and locals alike that value a expertly made cocktail. Getting to B&GC isn't easy, but the cocktails, atmosphere and service are well worth the journey.

If you're able to locate the discreet location inside of The Halcyon Hotel, congrats! but don't expect to ring the golden doorbell and slide in on a whim.  The bar is member's only, so you can contact the number on the site's website, but there are no guarantees that you will get in. Your best bet? Find somebody that knows somebody in hopes of getting in. Buddy up with a bartender at one of the city's other speakeasies to see if you can wiggle your way into this ultra-chic establishment to enjoy the classics as well as a sophisticated selection of rare top shelf liquors. The bartenders are true cocktail artists that can make virtually any drink ever imagined. Although the space is sleek to say the least, it can become a bit compact when crowded so if crowds aren't your thing, arrive early to enjoy your drink in solitude. Unlike many speakeasies that have  gained reputations for being a bit snobby, B&GC bartenders are from from pretentious. They will chat you up while creating cocktails and you will leave feeling like you have a new friend. Afterall, that's how a good bartender should make you feel right? 



249 Columbine Street | Denver, Colorado 80206