Nitrogen Coffee: The New Way to Drink Your Cup O' Joe


If you find that drinking hot coffee during the summer is a no-go, but you’re bored with your typical cup of iced coffee, perhaps you should try your hand at the coffee trend that is slowly popping up in trendy coffee houses across the nation.

Nitrogen coffee.

Coffeemakers are finding popularity in this new method in which cold coffee is infused with pressurized nitrogen, chilled in a keg, then served on tap in a goblet or tulip glass. The result? A smooth concoction, similar to Guinness Stout, that leaves you with a glorious caffeine afterglow.

The process creates a flavor and texture eerily comparable to beer and coffee purists may not be too crazy about it. Beer lovers, however, may find that it’s the perfect way to feel like they’re drinking a cold one without the drunken side effects. Whether or not this new brew will stick around has yet to be determined, but if you’re in Atlanta, you can try it for yourself at one of these locations:


Octane Coffee (Grant Park)

Address: 437 Memorial Drive A5, Atlanta, GA 30312



Ration & Dram

Address: 130 Arizona Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307



Porter Beer Bar (only served on weekends for brunch)

Address: 1156 Euclid Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307