The Ten: Atlanta - Foodie Edition

Land of a thriving entertainment scene and the home of the Braves, the city of Atlanta has seen rapid growth in the past decade and it's continuing to flourish.  The people of the city are vibrant and stylish, but still possess a lovable southern charm, and the food scene is no different. From trendy, high-end cuisine to down-home sustainable fare, Atlanta's culinary spectrum has something for all tastes. Atlanta food journalist Andrea Janise gives us The Ten foodie spots in The ATL that she can't live without.


1. My favorite place for an amazing breakfast: My favorite place for an amazing breakfast is definitely Buttermilk Kitchen. The menu is full of morning favorites and the small dining room ensures that you get attentive service. You'll find me in a cozy corner sipping on a French pressed coffee and munching on a vegetable omelet or their pancakes that literally melt in your mouth.

Address:  4225 Roswell Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30342


2. I love to go here for sushi/Japanese food: I live in the Old 4th Ward, and Miso Izakaya is one of my favorite neighborhood gems for sushi and Japanese food. My go-to order usually includes one of their tempura based sushi rolls and a few other delicacies like the gyoza steamed dumplings and the shoyu tomago. Be sure to start off with one of their specialty cocktails.

Address: 619 Edgewood Avenue Southeast, Atlanta, GA 30312


3. Couples should go here for a romantic date night: Atlanta is home to many romantic spots, but one that is consistent every time is Bacchanalia in Star Provisions in the Westside district. Dim lighting, chef-driven food and great service always helps to create a romantic atmosphere.

Address:  1198 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta, GA 30318


4. You can't leave Atlanta without eating here: You can't leave Atlanta without stopping by Miss Anne's Snack Bar. This place serves one of Atlanta's most iconic burgers - the 'ghetto burger'. Miss Anne has some serious rules that come with getting one of the made-to-order burgers, so be prepared to not break any of the rules or else you could walk out empty-handed.

Address: 1615 Memorial Drive Southeast, Atlanta, GA 30317


5. The best food trucks are: The Atlanta food truck scene has exploded in the last few years bringing fans a variety of mobile food options. My favorite food trucks are The Fry Guy, Blaxican and Ibiza bites. It's your lucky day when you find them parked at the Atlanta Food Truck Park.

ATL Food Truck Park - 1850 Howell Mill Road Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30318


6. For amazing BBQ, I go to this restaurant: For amazing BBQ, I go to D.B.A. Barbecue in Virginia Highlands. I get their smoked chicken or chopped Angus beef brisket with tasty sides like the grilled Texas creamed corn and smoked baked beans. Plus, they have great craft beer and moonshine!

Address:  1190 North Highland Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306


7. A great spot for a cup of coffee: Octane Coffee Bar is a great spot to grab a cup of coffee. There are a few locations around the city and each location delivers high quality coffee, drinks and teas. Octane always has a cool vibe with atmospheric music playing and plenty of places to plug in your laptop.

Address: 437 Memorial Drive, Atlanta, GA 30312


8. My go-to place to cure my sweet tooth: Sublime Doughnuts is definitely my favorite place to go when I want something sweet. I am an avid fan of their powdered Fresh Strawberry and Cream doughnut and their A-Town Mocha, an iced chocolate donut filled with mocha cream. With over twenty-five different mouthwatering donuts to choose from, your biggest issue will be deciding which one (or two) to get.

Address: 535 10th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318


9. I tell my vegan/vegetarian friends to eat here while in ATL: Soul Vegetarian is always a fun place to get vegetarian food. They have locations in the West End and Virginia Highlands. They have the best vegan mac & cheese I’ve ever tasted, and I always get the barbecue tofu. They also serve vegan ice cream and shakes.

Address: 652 North Highland Avenue NE Atlanta, GA 30306


10. This is a great place for beer lovers: Sweetwater Brewery is Atlanta’s largest brewery and a playground for beer lovers. Head over Wednesday through Sunday (times vary) for a tour of their brewing and bottling process, then stay a while to sample a few of their classic line-up of beers. My favorites are Sweetwater IPA and Sweetwater Blue.

Address: 195 Ottley Drive Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30324




Andrea Janise is a food and lifestyle journalist who has been a staple in the Atlanta food scene for the past 7 years. You can catch her dining out at one of Atlanta’s chef-driven restaurants, covering food festivals throughout the U.S., and sipping craft beer and handcrafted cocktails from the city’s best mixologists. Follow her tasty adventures on Twitter and Instagram (@ATLFoodWriter). 

Nitrogen Coffee: The New Way to Drink Your Cup O' Joe


If you find that drinking hot coffee during the summer is a no-go, but you’re bored with your typical cup of iced coffee, perhaps you should try your hand at the coffee trend that is slowly popping up in trendy coffee houses across the nation.

Nitrogen coffee.

Coffeemakers are finding popularity in this new method in which cold coffee is infused with pressurized nitrogen, chilled in a keg, then served on tap in a goblet or tulip glass. The result? A smooth concoction, similar to Guinness Stout, that leaves you with a glorious caffeine afterglow.

The process creates a flavor and texture eerily comparable to beer and coffee purists may not be too crazy about it. Beer lovers, however, may find that it’s the perfect way to feel like they’re drinking a cold one without the drunken side effects. Whether or not this new brew will stick around has yet to be determined, but if you’re in Atlanta, you can try it for yourself at one of these locations:


Octane Coffee (Grant Park)

Address: 437 Memorial Drive A5, Atlanta, GA 30312



Ration & Dram

Address: 130 Arizona Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307



Porter Beer Bar (only served on weekends for brunch)

Address: 1156 Euclid Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

Ask a Local: An Atlanta Bartender's Favorite Bars in the City

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 9.54.08 PM.png

What’s the best way to find the coolest bars in a city? Ask a bartender! I chatted with Victor Stopeck, bartender at popular Atlanta restaurant  JCT. Kitchen & Bar to get the scoop. Born and raised in Atlanta, Stopeck has witnessed the city’s food and drink scene skyrocket into the bustling entity that it is today. A veteran bartender with more than 20 years in the game, he has not only created boozy magic in Atlanta, but also abroad, mixing it up in the Caribbean for ten years before heading back to the city that he calls home. From his default spot for a beer, to his favorite bar for a rum cocktail, check out some of Stopeck’s go-to haunts for a top-notch drink in the great city of Atlanta. 

For After-Work Drinks

I usually like to go somewhere very close to work like Little Trouble. I don’t stay long because it gets a little clubby the later it gets and I’m a laid back guy, but the drinks are great. I also like Marcel. It’s a really good old school classic bar. They have comfortable bar stools and the scene is a little more mature for me.  I go to The Wrecking Bar Brewpub in Little 5 Points if I want a beer and I’ve had a nice day.


For Brunch Cocktails

Highland Tap. I enjoy their brunch. They make a really good Bloody Mary. It’s nice and dark in there and it’s really good for Sunday brunch after a long Saturday night.


When I’m in the Mood for Rum

Kimball House has a good beverage program. Miles Macquarrie (co-owner/bar manager) really knows his stuff. They have really good rum cocktails, the oysters are great and they are open late.


For a Glass of Wine

Murphy’s. They have a great wine program. They know what they’re doing and it’s very versatile. They have a lot of different wines there that I’ve never had before. Also JCT Kitchen, where I work, has a great wine program.  There are wines there that I had never heard of until we got them, and I’ve grown to really like them. They even have a great rosé piquepoul that is awesome and I’ve yet to find anywhere else.

For Date Night

I have two small children so sometimes they are more like date days. For our anniversary, my wife and I went to Ponce City Marketfor the first time and walked around then went across the street to 4th and Swift for dinner, cocktails and and a lot of wine. It was a lot of fun.

A lot of times our date days will be in Downtown Decatur because we live in Scottdale.  I like Leon’s Full Service. It’s a great place to get a cocktail and a quick burger because they don’t close before dinner. We also enjoy The Iberian Pig for drinks.


Word of Advice for first-time visitors

The beverage programs have grown and grown in the past five to six years. When I started bartending 20 years ago, there were no beverage programs in Atlanta. There were only beers and shots, so  it has evolved. I put us up there with New York, Chicago and LA. Atlanta is a lot of little neighborhoods put together so I recommend going to downtown Decatur, parking and just walking. Find a place that you think looks cool and go in because it probably is cool. Go to The Highlands, Inman Park or Little 5 Points. Midtown has so many great areas in a small radius. Find an area that you like and get comfortable with that area, then start going to other places. Atlanta is a great town and there is no other place that I’d rather live.

Brew and Boarding Passes: Travel Q&A with Beer Journalist Ale Sharpton


For Dennis Malcolm Byron, better known by his alias Ale Sharpton, beer is a way of life. For more than 15 years, the journalist, blogger, beer authority and all-around cool guy has been using his writing talents to educate the masses on the wide world of beer. His passion for beer has taken him all across this great country and beyond, where he drinks the best craft brews, test drives cool cars, eats amazing food then spreads the word through interviews, articles and his popular beer blog Seriously, he's a walking beer encyclopedia. In the midst of attempting to convert me into a beer drinker at Atlanta's Porter Beer Bar, I got the chance to talk travel with the spirited beer personality.


How often do you travel and is it for business or leisure?

Whenever I travel, I try to make it fun, even if it's for business. It's usually business oriented because I travel to review cars or write for magazines. Right now, I travel about once a month, but it's heating up, so it's going to be my third time traveling this month.


What's the first thing you do when you get to a new city?

I love hotels so I am excited to see what kind of hotel they are hooking up for me, then I see what the beer selection is. Some hotels have really good selections while others are really limited. The beer selection shows the mentality of the hotel. A lot of times, hotels take pride in pairing beer with their cuisine, which is important to me. Besides looking at the room and making sure there are no bed bugs, I go out and start exploring. If I have time, I'll walk around and look for the dopest breweries. The local beers reflect their environments. They may use the water source or hops that are local, so you always want to try and buy local whenever you can. 


How do you decide on which bars to visit?

A lot of research. I have a group of friends and we discuss the best breweries to visit in cities. It's a group of beer geeks. We have a sitting and we trade notes and emails. Beer Advocate also talks about cool spots and I talk to friends who happen to live in the city. If I'm going to a certain city, they're going to let me know what's good and meet me there and have one with me. 

What is your favorite beer destination?

I want to let people know that Atlanta has two of the best beer bars in the world (The Porter Beer Bar and Brick Store Pub), with more to come. I love showing this city off. But besides Atlanta, San Francisco because the weather is dope and they have some cool breweries and bars there. Asheville is also fantastic. 


Worst Travel experience?

Getting robbed in Orlando! I saw red that whole night while driving back to Atlanta (read the robbery story here).


One item you can't leave home without

My phone


Bucket list destination:

I have to touch grounds somewhere in Africa sooner or later. I don't know which country or city, I just have to go. I've always wanted to see what it would be like to do a helicopter ride over Hawaii too. 


What's your best advice for exploring the food/drink scene in another city?

Always talk to locals. They will tell you the best way to get somewhere, and how to avoid traffic. Bars are also really dope. People like to have conversations at bars so if you get a craft beer, you may end up striking up a conversation with a local. It's all about the experience.


Tell me your idea of the perfect vacation

It has to have fantastic beer because I don't drink anything else. I need a gangster crab cake of some sort. I have to have something I can't get here in Atlanta like water...and mountains. The lighting has to be perfect so I can capture all of this stuff. There also has to be some level of spirituality, and of course, great company. No complainers. Everyone has to be happy. 

Do you have a favorite restaurant in another city?

In Charleston, I go to Fig. They always have something crazy poppin' off. In Baltimore, I like the crab cakes at Faidley's Sea Food. It's in a cool market with a lot of different foods there. 


Underrated Destination

For beer, Atlanta. When people mention top 10 beers cities Atlanta never gets any love. I think Atlanta is a top 10 beer city and I'm making sure they know it. The south is still developing its presence in the beer scene, but ATL needs to get more love. 


Favorite travel experience abroad

I love Montreal. Montreal takes food seriously but it's also like a frugal spender's way of going to France. I have some good friends there and I love that it's near water, and has good ass food and beer. The French language is so beautiful. There's an unwritten rule that everything has to be written in both English and French on the menus so you know what the hell you're ordering. The people are interchangeable with the language and I'm kind of jealous. I wish I could do that. 


Next trip?

Green Bay, Wisconsin. I'm a big football fan, so I'm going to check out Lambeau Field, see the players ride bikes out to the field, which is a big tradition there, and of course, explore the beer scene. There's one called Titletown Brewing Company that I'm looking forward to checking out. I'm kind of wide-eyed about this trip because I'm trying to go to every state, so that's another one I can mark off. I have about 10 more to go. 



Follow Ale Sharpton's beer and travel adventures:

Instagram: @realalesharpton

Twitter: @alesharpton

The Ten Atlanta

Atlanta's food and social scene is always evolving, which is why we have added another installment of The Ten, Atlanta! (Check out previous posts here and here). Cali native and Atlanta food and restaurant advocate Morgan Ashley of Bohemian Eats is no stranger to the variety of cuisine that the city has to offer. From Mexican bites to her favorite dessert spots, keep reading to check out The Tenspots she loves to frequent in The ATL! 

1. When my friends are visiting me in Atlanta, the first place I take them is: 

Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site! Atlanta has so much history that I love to show off to my friends and family. 


2. When I want an amazing cup of coffee or tea, I go here: 

I have a couple of places I frequent for coffee but my favorite is Proof Bakeshop because they have the best pastries and breads!


3. I love indulging here when I need something sweet:

The Tiramisu at Bellina Alimentari is amazing! Its $7 for a small cup but I swear it is worth every penny! Its the best in the city!


4. My default breakfast/brunch spot(s) in the city is:

Le Petit Marche in Kirkwood. The owner is a Cali girl like me and her parents work in the restaurant with her. The entire staff is so sweet and the salmon cake with grits is out of this world!

It would be a crime not to mention the fried green tomato BLT from Sun In My Belly.


5. When I am in the mood for Mexican food, I always eat here:

This is a hard question because very few places in Atlanta compare to Mexican food from back home in California. For Elote, Bartaco in Inman Park, for tacos Minero at Ponce City Market, for atmosphere Superica inside Krog Street Market and for all things Mexican, Nuevo Laredo Cantina on Chattahoochee Ave.


6. For delicious food with scenic views, this is the place to be: 

Some of the best views in the city can be found at The OptimistTwo Urban Licks, and of course The Sun Dial.

7. This is a fantastic place for date night: 

Anything Ford Fry owns. That man is a genius!


8. For late night munchies, I love going here: 


Jack Pizza and Wings is also my go-to dive bar for late night snacks. There was a time I was going twice a week just for their baked lemon pepper wings and cheap beer.


9. I love going to this bar(s) for tasty drinks:

Amer in Inman Park is by far one of the coolest bars in Atlanta. Every drink that comes out looks like something you would order while on vacation in some exotic country, but the décor and design feels very east coast. The aesthetic from top to bottom is gorgeous and so well curated.

I am also a huge fan of Little Trouble. Great drinks and a lot of fun.


10. You can't leave Atlanta without going here: 

I am going to try to keep my list short because there are so many I frequent.

• So Ba in East Atlanta

• 18.21 Bitters inside Ponce City Market

• Any King of Pops popsicle stand

• Homegrown on Memorial. The owner and I both get our haircut at Trophy Room Barbershop, he is such a cool guy. I will forever be loyal to their "Comfy Biscuit." It's life changing.

• Revolution Doughnuts

• Cooks & Soldiers... I could go on all day but these are just a few of my favorites.



Morgan Ashley is the owner of Bohemian Eats  was born out of the need to have a creative outlet but quickly turned into a business with community in mind. The goal of the brand is to connect people through food. Bohemian Eats serves as a friends guide to great local restaurants in and around Atlanta and beyond. Follow Bohemian Eats on Instagram,  Facebookand Twitter