Eat Here: Barnini - Antwerp, Belgium

The Bagel Chick

The Bagel Chick

Walking along Oudevaartplaats on a Saturday morning can be a bit of sensory overload. The tiny sidewalks with  moms pushing strollers, bustling little cafes and overactive dogs on leashes can be overwhelming for the first time. In the midst of the cacophony lies Barnini, a quaint little restaurant that is way too easy to overlook amongst the commotion. Walking in, the space is small, unassuming, and full of hipster types having morning coffee to discuss the events of Friday night. The menu has classic breakfast foods; eggs, toast, lattes and teas, but Barnini's claim to fame is the bagels. You can get a classic bagel with cream cheese, or opt for one of their original creations  like the Bagel Chick, (chicken, guacamole, salad and mayo) or the Bagel Popeye (chicken, spinach , parmesan and iceberg lettuce). Barnini is directly across from the Saturday market, so if you sit outside, you can partake in amazing people watching while sipping your latte. Sidenote: The menu is in Dutch, but with the help of one of the friendly waiters (or your Google Translate app) you will be one step closer to experiencing bagel ecstacy. There is such a thing.  

Oudevaartplaats 10, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium 


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