Drink Here: Kulminator - Antwerp, Belgium


As you walk into The Kulminator, expect limited seating, a few meandering resident cats and a beer list like no other. Located on an obscure street in Antwerp, Kulminator is less like a pub and more like visiting the home of your old zany aunt and uncle. Opened in the 1970s by husband and wife Dirk and Leen, the small space is packed with tons of limited edition beers as well as vintage selections that date back to the 1980s. The beer menu is a whopping 50+ pages of more than 700 beers, so it may take 20 minutes or so to make a decision. Beer prices are pretty cheap too, so 20 euros can take you a long way here.  Seating is close and communal, so that stranger next to you will be your drunk bff within 30 minutes. The small quarters are cluttered with dusty old books, dusty old board games, dusty old beer bottles, and dusty everything else to complete the ambiance. For some, it is unappealing, while for others it is the makings of an epic travel story. Dirk is the epitome of a grumpy old man, so don't be shocked if you witness one of his infamous temper tantrums. Voted as one of the best beer pubs in the world, the extensive selection and unique atmosphere makes Kulminator a must-visit spot for true beer connoisseurs.

Address: 32 Vleminckveld, Antwerp 2000, Belgium