Shop Here: Moooi Showroom - Amsterdam, Netherlands


On an unassuming street in the charming Jordaan neighborhood lies Moooi (which means beautiful in Dutch plus and extra 'o' to symbolize the extra quality) the modern yet eclectic furniture brand that has become a powerhouse in the past decade. The Dutch brand known for their out-of-the-box designs are re-imagining furniture and creating provocative yet classic pieces.



Founded in 2001 by Casper Vissers and Marcel Wanders, the daring designs have catapulted the company exponentially with added locations in London and Milan. Featuring the visions of designers worldwide, the sensibility of the pieces has a furniture meets art appeal. The infamous Horse Lamp (a horse shaped lamp with a lamp shade on its head) is a testament to the you-never-know-what-your-gonna-get creations that shock yet intrigue buyers. In 2015, the Dutch brand will continue their takeover and open a showroom in New York. While in Amsterdam, take a walk through the  brand store and get inspired by chic and quirky designs.


Address: Westerstraat 187, 1015 MA Amsterdam, Netherlands  |  Web:

Natrice Miller