After graduating from Florida A&M University with a journalism degree in 2005, I ditched writing and became a freelance photographer. I have done everything from street photography to portraits to concerts and even political events. In 2011, I spent a year traveling the country with a circus (yes, a real circus with clowns, funnel cakes and contortionists).  Road life was hectic, but I was able to spend weeks in amazing cities eating delicious food and pretty much creating stories that people still don't believe to this day. I lived in many of the cities for weeks at a time, so I was able to experience them like a local. I took trains from borough to borough in New York; I hung out in Chicago nightclubs and sipped delIcious wines, and stuffed my face with delicious food in New Orleans. Wanting everyone to know about all these great places, I took tons of photographs to show friends and family upon my return.

After a year of road life, I came back home to Charlotte and started doing food photography for Creative Loafing and absolutely fell in love with it. I enjoyed meeting the chefs behind the creations, and learning about all the hot spots in the city. That same year, I also fell in love with my husband and eventually moved to Atlanta in 2014. My husband is my best friend and travel partner, so we travel the world together experiencing the restaurants, bars, hotels and all-around interesting spots. To me, the best part about traveling is enjoying great food and places that you can only experience in a particular city. Why travel to Paris to eat the same food you eat at home?

After so much traveling, I accumulated way too many photos and notes from my travel journals, so I decided to go back to my writing roots and create a magazine-style blog that merges my favorite things: photography, food and travel...and cocktails of course. Cheers!

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